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THE UNIVERSE Article(s)  
Organization of the universe
What the Quran mentions about the organization of the Universe is important because "these references constitute a new fact of divine Revelation" (The Bible, the Quran and Science, p. 153). The Quran deals with this matter in depth although this is not dealt with in the previous scriptures.
Interstellar galactic material
The Quran mentions a rather curious category of created things, namely things between the heavens and the earth. Dr. Bucaille observes that this mention in the Quran "may surprise the twentieth century reader of the Quran" (The Bible, tl1e Quran and Science, p. 144). For example, one verse says as follows: "To Him (God) belongs what is in the heavens, on earth, between them and beneath the soil" (Quran 20:6; other verses include 25:59, 32:4 and 50:38).
Once joined together; later separated
According to the Big Bang, the whole universe was initially one big mass. Then there was a big bang (explosion) which resulted in the formation of Galaxies. These then divided to form stars, planets, the sun, the moon, etc. The origin of the universe was unique and the probability of it occurring by chance is zero.
The six days of creation
Today we know that the creation process can be measured in billions of years. The priestly editors or the Bible could not have known this. In their eagerness to enjoin Sabbath observance on others they wrote that God rested on the very first Sabbath day after finishing up his work of creating the heavens and the earth.
The origin of the universe
The Big Bang Theory is the dominant scientific theory about the origin of the universe. According to the big bang, the universe was created from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter in all directions. In 1927, Georges Lemaître was the first to propose that the universe began with the explosion of a primeval atom. Years later, Edwin Hubble found experimental evidence to help justify Lemaître's theory. He found that distant galaxies in every direction are going away from us with speeds proportional to their distance. The theory also predicts the existence of cosmic background radiation (the glow left over from the explosion itself). The Big Bang Theory received its strongest confirmation when this radiation was discovered in 1964 by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, who later won the Nobel Prize for this discovery. Until now, the cosmic microwave background, big bang nucleosynthesis, and the observed Hubble expansion of the Universe are considered proof of the big bang theory.
Position of stars
Today's science confirms that if we were to move or tilt planets and stars afew degrees from their axis of rotation then they will loose their orbit path and chaos is the result.In the Holy Quran Allah(God) swears by the positioning of the stars thus drawing attention to their importance
The universe is expanding
The Universe is expanding after the big event of the Big Bang , and this is stated in the holy Quran: “It is We who have raised the Heaven high with force, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it” (Qur’an 51:47)
The end of the universe
As we have seen , the universe is expanding due to its evolution from a big-bang billions of years ago: yet, eventually after this stage of expansion " the entire universe will collapse and shrink by gravity into limited space as it happened to be at the beginning of creation.' On the day when We shall roll up heaven as a scroll is rolled for the writings; as We originated the first creation, so We shall bring it back again - a promise binding on Us so We shall do. (Qur’an 21:104)
The Red Rose
"When the sky is torn apart, so it was (like) a red rose like ointment. Then which of the favours of your lord will you deny?" (Quran 55:37-38)
Centuries-long journey through the universe
In the the previous passages, some verses of the Qur’an answered questions that it has taken some of the greatest physicists and astronomers of history centuries to answer. It was only in this century that they finally found the truth.
Conquest of Space
From this point of view, three verses of the Qur'an should command our full attention. One expresses, without any trace of ambiguity, what man should and will achieve in this field. In the other two, God refers for the sake of the unbelievers in Makka to the surprise they would have if they were able to raise themselves up to the Heavens; He alludes to a hypothesis which will not be realized for the latter. ...

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