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1. The Concept of Faith (Iman)
Some people may think that man becomes a Muslim when he confesses belief in the Oneness of the True God and in Muhammad as His Last Messenger. But this is far from the full meaning of Faith. The full meaning of Faith in Islam is not, by any means, something nominal or mere formality. Faith in Islam is a state of happiness acquired by virtue of positive action and constructive conceptions as well as dynamic and effective measures.
2. The Concept of Righteousness (Birr)
It is clear, that therefore, that righteousness is not merely a matter of void utterances. It must be founded on strong faith and constant practice. It must cover the person’s thinking and action and extend to his inside and outside life, to his individual and common affairs.
3. The Concept of Piety (Taqwa)
...piety requires a proper use of the mind by grasping truth of God and life, a proper use of wealth by spending in the way of God under all circumstances and a proper use of the spiritual as well as the physical abilities of man by observing the prayer...
4. The Concept of Prophethood
The sending of these prophets from God is a clear manifestation of strong link between Heaven and Earth, between God and man.
5. The Concept of Life
Life is given to man by God, and He is the only Rightful One to take it back; no one else has the right to destroy a life.
6. The Concept of Religion
...There are many religions in the world, and each one claims to be the one and only true religion. Each religion is supposed to have come from God for the right guidance of man. But these claims contradict each other and have caused dissensions among people and vehement reactions to religion – instead of welding mankind into one universal brotherhood under the One Universal Benevolent God...
7. The Concept of Sin
It is commonly believed that sin started with Adam and Eve during their life in the Garden of Eden. That event led to the Fall and has ever since branded the human race with guilt, stigma, and bewilderment. Islam has taken a unique position on the whole issue, a position which is not shared by any other religion we know.
8. The Concept of Freedom
Islam teaches freedom, cherishes it, and guarantees it for the Muslim as well as for the non-Muslim.
9. The Concept of Equality
Islam teaches that, in the sight of God, all men are equal, but they are not necessarily identical.
10. The concept of justice
11. The Concept of Brotherhood
...human brotherhood in Islam is based on an unshakable belief in the Oneness and Universality of God the worshipped, the unity of mankind the worshippers, and the unity of religion the medium of worship....
12. The Concept of Peace
...The adjective “Muslim” means, in a sense, peaceful....
13. The Concept of Community
In one basic sense, the concept community means “all forms of relationship that are characterized by a high degree of personal intimacy, emotional depth, moral is commitment, social cohesion, and continuity in time …..
14. The Concept of Morality
The concept of morality in Islam centers around certain basic beliefs and principles.
15. The Concept of the Universe
In the foreword, we briefly discussed the position of the Muslims and the future of Islam in Western Hemisphere. In this part, we shall discuss the position of man in the contemporary world, the general human situation, and the Islamic concept of the universe or world view.

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