One God-One Religion

God is One.  So, is His religion, and its name has been Islam since the first human being and the prophet of God, Adam.  Muhammad is one and the last of the prophets of the religion of Islam.


Jesus was a Jew.  According to the Bible, Jesus is the direct descendant of David who is the 10th grandson of Pares, the son of Juda who is one of the twelve sons of the Prophet Jacob.  Among them are the Prophet Josef, Benjamin, Levi, etc.  Those who descended from Juda used to be called the Jews.  Prophet Moses is not a descendant of Juda, rather he is coming from another son of Jacob named Levi.  Thus, Prophet Moses was not a Jew as he belonged to Levi.  It means he was a Levite.


Since Moses didn't belong to Judaic line, the religion that he brought had nothing to do with Judaism.  Rather than a religion, Judaism refers to a "Tribal nationality."  In short, Moses was not a Jew as he was not a descendant of Juda, the father of the Jews, nor the religion he introduced to people was Judaism as it referred to the geneology of Juda’s descendants.  In this sense, Jesus is more Jewish than Moses as Jesus was born and raised as a Jew; however, Jesus being a Jew is nothing more than belonging to Juda in terms of nationality, not religion.


Moses was not a Jew, nor the religion of Moses was Judaism.  Jesus who was nationally Jew was sent as a prophet to the Jews as his own words in the Bible proves:  "I am sent to the lost sheep of the sons of Israel."  Jesus' sole mission was to correct the religion of Moses, which was not Judaism, corrupted by the Jews.


Till his departure, Jesus invited and encouraged people to fulfill the covenant given to Moses.  Moses is just an outsider of the family of Juda.  Thus, the covenant has nothing to do with Judaism, which specifically signifies national belonging to Juda.  Jesus' followers attended sinagogues for exactly three hundreds years after the departure Jesus.


If the religion of Moses is not Judaism, and if Jesus' invitation had been to Moses' religion, then what is Judaism, and what is Christianity?


An Abrahamic Religion?  Abraham, the Patriarch, meaning the father of all, who lived long before Moses, was neither a Jew, nor a Christian as he was grand, grand-father of Juda.  Qur'an says:  "Abraham was neither a Jew, nor a Christian.  He was an "Upright M-U-S-L-I-M."  If their teachings were not Judaism or Christianity, then what was it?  The answer is Islam.  Unlike Judaism (after Juda) and Christianity (after Christ), Islam is not named after a person, rather it takes its name directly from the Creator, As Salam, The Peaceful God.


Thus, from Adam to Muhammad, it has always been Islam.  The Qur'an relates to us that One God has chosen Islam as a religion for us.  Nothing else will be accepted!


As a Muslim, we worship the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.  They are all our prophets and the Qur'an teaches us not to observe any differences between them.


When Jesus was sent to the sons of Israel as a prophet, they belied him and attempted to kill him.  However, the followers of Jesus couldn't have denied Moses, the prophet of the sons of Israel, to take revenge, retaliate in return for their denial and refusal of Jesus.  Why?  Divine revelation given to Jesus required his followers believe and accept Moses. 


The Jewish followers of Jesus, to be called Christians after the year 300 CE, today make an identical mistake made to them by the Jews in the time of Jesus which is not to accept the last and the final prophet of God, Muhammad.  Following the divine guidance, the Qur’an, we Muslims today do the right thing: accept Jesus and Moses as the followers of Jesus did, accepted Moses against the Jews' denial of Jesus.  The sign of a religion being divine is to accept what is offered by that One God, not by immature and gone-astray feelings.  Muhammad’s mission is also to correct the corrupted divine religions.


“The same religion has He established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah that which We have sent by inspiration to you and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.”

(Qur’an 42:13)


Oh People of Book!  Come, let's be all together in the religion of God which was introduced through Moses and Jesus and inherited to their only and final successor, Muhammad.  Islam simply means submission.
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