1. Islam: Submission

There are ways to do things.  Only one of such ways is the best to achieve and to succeed.  And it is human nature to desire to do things the best way with the utmost achievement and least failure.  The function of the mind is not to find out or explore what that best way would be, but rather to follow it up as it was shown by God to us in the form of revelation. 


Islam, literally meaning submission to the will of God, does not necessarily mean to accept unwillingly or blindly whatever offered to us, but it means whatever chosen is for our own good even though we fail at times to fully appreciate the wisdom behind it.


God being the symbol and source of good means no one knows better than He does what the best is and it is only good that comes from God.  Then, we better submit ourselves to His will as obviously it is the best way, Islam.


The worship is not but the practical part of this theoretical idea of submission.  Worship is the name of the relationship between God and us.


Islam is not a religion that we refer to at the moment of worship, rather a way of life to which we have recourse at every step and breathe of ours.  For every moment of our life, there is a state in which we can be or do our best.  Worship is to achieve reaching that state by complying with rules that regulate our daily life.  So, Islam is not to remember God at special moments of so-called worship, but not to forget God to make every moment of life special with worshipping.


Islam names being in a continuous state of worshipping God, the One and only worthy of worship, as being a slave to God.  Muhammad, the Messenger of God, is but His slave like us, the worshippers.


Not only does Islam, the way of life, establish a spiritual connection between a worshipping individual and God, the worshipped One, but also regulates social relations among the worshipping individuals of the Islamic community.  So, worship is performed communally in Islam and/or public relations held accordingly to the regulations by the Worshipped One are another type of worship.  All this requires a model worshipper to show how worship is performed and to lead both individual and communal worship and to monitor how effectively they are put into practice so that he makes sure the society reaches its best state ever…he, the model worshipper, the leader, the imam, the prophet.

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